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Why choose United Erasmus Housing

We help to find the best flat for you! Join our community and spend the best semester in Budapest of your academic years! We have more than 5 years’ experience with international students and we rent out over 200 rooms in every semester.

Flatmate finder & matchmaking

We can help you to find the best roommates based on your interests and needs!

5 months & 10 months rental periods

Our rental period is suitable for Erasmus Students. All our rooms are available for 5 and 10 rental periods.


Help in administration

We’ll be your local guide to handle all the paperwork like immigration, residents permit, health insurance etc.

Quick problem solving

In case something goes wrong in the apartment our maintenance team fix it as soon as possible.

Flat & Flatmate finder

We help to find the best flats for you, based on your needs regarding price, location, etc. If you are already a little group with common desire on flats, it will only be even easier, but if you are alone now we help you to find the best apartment and flatmates for you! 🙂