1, Are the utilities included?

Not included. Utilities: water, gas, electricity, common cost, wifi. It depends on your usage but around 30-50 eur/month/person and has to be paid with the rent every month( first time after the 1st month).

2, Can I rent a room just for one semester? Or I have to rent it for a year?

We rent out our flats from the 1st of September to the 31th of January and from the 1st of February to the end of June (possible to rent a room for 5 or 10 months).

3, Can I move in the room earlier?

Yes it can be possible if it is free already. Every plus day is 15 eur/ day utilities included

4, What is the security deposit for?

The deposit is equivalent to a two month rental fee. In the case of any damages or outstanding payments, the deposit acts as a security guarantee. 

5, When do I get back the deposit?

After you move out we check your room and the flat, and we transfer back the whole deposit for you.

6, What if i have to leave earlier during the period? 

In this case you should find a replacement for your room, someone who would take over it and then you do not have to pay for the remaining months.

7, Is there any agency fee?

There is no agency fee. We help to find the best flats for you, based on your needs regarding price, location, etc without any extra cost.

8, How can I know who will be my flatmate?

We can tell you who applied for the other rooms in the flat, and also their name, nationality, age and gender.

9, Do I have to bring my own bedding?

We can provide bedding sets (duvet, pillow, two towels and cover for each) for 25 euros for the 5 months period or a double bedding set (two duvet, two pillows, two towels and cover for each) for 30 euros for the 5 months period of rent. If you don’t want to use this service then please tell us before your arrival. 

10,  I would like to extend my contract. Is that possible?

Yes it can be possible to extend your contract for the next semester too. Let us know in time.

11, What do I do when there are no more apartments available?

The apartments we have sell out very fast but we are always trying to expand our offers so there might be new options available later which aren’t on the website yet. So get in touch with us and we will keep you updated!

12, What should I do if something needs to be fixed in the apartment?

When you move in and during your whole stay please let us know if something needs to be fixed or if it has been broken. We call the maintenance and send the repair man as soon as possible to fix the problem.

13, What if I notice damages when I move in ?

Please let us know as soon as possible and we will manage it.

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