How it works

Booking procedure step by step

1, Choose your favorite room

First check out our flats and choose your favorite room or apartment. Then please fill the booking part . If you need help or if you have any questions please send an email to the [email protected].

2, Make a booking request

After we received your booking request we send an answer to your e-mail address as soon as possible. Please acknowledge that we handle multiple parallel inquiries per room. If the room is free we send you the rental contract, but if not we help to find another one for you, based on your needs regarding price, location, etc.

3, Sign the contract

Please check the contract. You can fill it electronically or print it, fill it, scan it and send it back to us in 3 days with the proof of your transfer. 

Deposit is equivalent to a two month rental fee, and you should transfer half of the deposit in advance with the signed contract.

4, Finalise your booking

You can finalise your booking in our system with the deposit. When it arrived we set the room to “reserved” status on the page.

5, Feel free to ask us

After you have secured the room, please let us know your arrival date, if you need bedding, and feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

Arrival and move-in procedure

6, We will inform you

Before you arrive here we send you all the details which are needed for moving in.

7, Other half of the deposit and first month rent

When you arrive here and we do the handover you should pay the other half of the deposit and first month rent, and we sign the original copy of the rental contract. 

8, Move in

When you move in we hand over the inventory list of the items belonging to the flat, and the house manual which contains the house rule and all the useful information about the flat, meters, machines, and etc.

9, Have fun 🎉

Enjoy your stay and feel free to write to us if you need anything. We manage the utility payments, cleaning, maintenance, and necessary repairs.

10, Check out

Before you leave, please let us know in time your check out date. Please leave your room exactly the same state as when you originally moved in to it.  We check the room and the flat and transfer you back the deposit.

Find your place with us!

Check our apartments and book. In case you have further questions contact us or write to us on Facebook we are here to help 😌