How it works

Booking procedure step-by-step

1. Choose your favorite room

First, check out our flats and choose your favorite room or apartment. Then fill out the booking part. If you need help or if you have any questions please send an email to [email protected]

2. Make a booking request

After we received your booking request we send an answer to your e-mail address as soon as possible. Please acknowledge that we handle multiple parallel inquiries per room. If the room is free we send you the rental contract, but if not we help to find another one for you, based on your needs regarding price, location, etc.

3. Sign the contract

Please check the contract. You can fill it electronically or print it, fill it, scan it and send it back to us in 3 days with the proof of your transfer. 

The deposit is equivalent to a two-month rental fee, and you should transfer half of the deposit in advance with the signed contract to ensure your booking.

4. Finalise the booking

When the deposit arrives we note the transaction in your tenant profile and set the room to “reserved” status on the page. Please get familiar with the tenant profile at this point as it will be an important part of your stay with us. Set up your move-in date and select the preferred bedding option.

5. Feel free to ask questions

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions regarding the apartment or the city.

Arrival and move-in procedure

How to navigate tenant profile

Log in to your tenant profile. If you do not remember your password choose “Did you forget your password?

When you enter your profile select “Manage bookings” -> “Details and Edit” -> Here you can find various settings and information. You can find the transaction tab, as well as set up the move-in date or choose your bedding set.

6. Second half of the deposit and the first month’s rent

Transfer the second half of the deposit and the first month’s rent before the move-in date set up in the tenant profile. Please let us know in advance if you wish to fulfill this payment in cash.

7. Move-in information

You will receive the move-in information a couple of days before your arrival after you fulfill your payment obligations. It will contain the exact address and location of the apartment as well as access codes. Most of the apartments have self-check-in available, therefore you will only need to receive two codes. If your apartment requires an in-person handover we will specify the handover process in the email.

8. Move in

Let us know if you notice any damages or irregularities. Check out the house manual in your tenant profile which contains the house rules and all the useful information about the flat, utility meters, machines, etc. If you can not see your house manual please reach out to us via email.

9. Complete the monthly payments

There are two payments to be completed each month. The rental fee is paid in advance, utility fee is paid at the end of the month.

Example: Rental fee for October needs to be fulfilled by September 30th. The utility fee for September needs to be fulfilled by September 30th. Therefore at the end of September, you need to transfer the rental fee for October as well as the utility fee for September. You can make this in one payment.

10. Have fun 🎉

Enjoy your stay and feel free to write to us if you need anything.

11. Check out

Set up your move-out date in your tenant profile. Clean the room and the common areas with your flatmates. After the end of the contract, we inspect your room and the common areas, and we transfer the deposit back to you.

Find your place with us!

Check our apartments and book. In case you have further questions contact us or write to us on Facebook we are here to help 😌